server migration sucess!

Thanks for your patience during our Down time. We have migrated to a new server and everything appears to be running smoothly. If you encounter errors please contact us via the contact form or drop a line at the Forum under support.

Site downtime

just a headsup to everyone there will be planned downtime for the website while i migrate to a new server. This is planned for Friday 3pm eastern. no guarantee when site will return but the hope is with in 1-2 hours. If anything is wrong it may take up to a day but i don forsee that being an issue. thanks for everyone who’s supporting us with purchases and communicating on the forums! big things happenign in 2019! cant wait to show you all!

Jinx LaMinx

Excited to announce a new model
Her name Is Jinx and she is a professional Belly Dancer. I saw her at a Drink and Draw event where she was the live art model. I couldn’t resist but to ask her after the show if she was up for a modeling gig.  to my pleasant surprise, she said yes.  she told me she hadn’t had any experience acting but she did great!  Cranking, Revving, Driving and Brake Failure videos all coming next month from her.

New accounts

Just a notice to returning customers from the last store, all accounts weres erasesd completely. so you will need to sign up again if your signed up before  December 12th. Sorry for the inconvenience

We’re back!!

WE’RE back online after a slight mishap with our old web host.  Now better than ever with new videos , free videos and a shiny new forum with a more pleasant look and feel.  pardon while we slowly add videos back to the site! New stuff is on the way too!!