Chat and Private Messages

Someone was asking about chat and private messages…..i have implemented that and is linked via the forum under the chat or by going here 
There is a real-time chat room where you can drop a line (please no requests or complaints…leave those in the SUPPORT forum or contact forum)
And you can click on a members name or send them a private message.

We’ll see how this goes and i will add more features as needed.


Just are minder to all my our loyal customers that if you have any issues at all with the website or with downloading that you can contact either via the contact from or via the support forum and explain your issue for very fast resolution. Everything should be working fine , but if there is an issue with a download or such we won’t know unless you let us know!! thanks again for supporting us and hope you continue to enjoy the stuff we put out!

Work in progress

still in the process of adding old videos back to the site and also editing new ones!

for those who have purchasd clips, there’s a pot under the description in the store, to leave a review! if you liked it, or hated it or wahtever you thought..let us know by leaving a review !

Also, lets get the forums mroe active. make suggestions and requests, write a story or jus chime in on some of the topics i post

lastly, thanks to everyone ho has already been contributing and buying clips. i appreciate you!. I Promise to continue working on the site with new features and new videos

Store error

for some reason products arent showu p under categories or producers at the moment. featured vids are available at the store front page. working on the issue. stay tuned…

server migration sucess!

Thanks for your patience during our Down time. We have migrated to a new server and everything appears to be running smoothly. If you encounter errors please contact us via the contact form or drop a line at the Forum under support.

Site downtime

just a headsup to everyone there will be planned downtime for the website while i migrate to a new server. This is planned for Friday 3pm eastern. no guarantee when site will return but the hope is with in 1-2 hours. If anything is wrong it may take up to a day but i don forsee that being an issue. thanks for everyone who’s supporting us with purchases and communicating on the forums! big things happenign in 2019! cant wait to show you all!