Model Photos

Hi All. did you know you can see exclusive photos including some with Pedal shots at
Over the next year, I’m going to try and filter more Car and Pedal photos over to this site and start focusing on aking more Pedal pics along with shoots so you guys can see what’s coming down the pink. In the meantime, check out the galleries at the original URL (no registration required)

Latest Gremlin video

Those who purchased the latest Gremlin video Venus in Yellow Strappie and had issues downloading…please leave a message in the support forum or send an email (from the links below) and we will correct the issue as soon as possible!!

change your avatar

I’ve updated the forum with a sidebar that allows you to send and check private messages and also change your avatar. ON mobile you just have to scroll down to the bottom of the forum for these features. check em out!

Mobile version

POst in the correct Forums

Just a reminder to everyone to post topics in the correct forums…if you’re not sure to read the description at the top of each category and subforum!

For example: if you have a video to share, that goes in the Pics and vids section. But if you want to tell us about a new scene on tv or in a movie that either hasn’t aired yet or will air soon that goes into TV a Movie alerts.

The whole reason for using these categories and subforms is for future reference…if someone wants to find a video that was posted or info about a TV show they don’t have to hunt through multiple threads of unelated topics…. something i always felt was an issue on past forums.

I am asking my moderators to keep an eye out for misplaced topics and simply move them where they belong, but i hope all of the contributors just keep this in mind also.


Ive been getting a few comments on occasion to videos in the video sore that basically amount to requests and one even talked about a completely separate video than the one he was commenting on. Please do not dot his. REvies are for..ya know…reviews. if you liked the video give it a rating and a brief review of what you did or didn’t like. do not make requests there. or tell me wha you would like to see. there is a spot on the FORUm for that or you can leave feedback by using either the contact form or by private messaging me!