Producer application

Do you make online content such as foot photos and videos and want a place to market them? 
GWNB Digital marketplace  allows people to sell their own content. Get better commissions than the big sites out there without being associated with pornographic content.   We allow “mature” but not adult content.

When you sell through GWNB you retain 75 percent of all sales.  You also get your own storefront and videos added to our categories will be visible in the Store!  It requires a little bit of investment on your part in the form of time(to produce your content) and PLUS dropbox subscription (to host your files)
The rest is handled by us at NO upfront cost to you! You provide the content that YOU want to make and that YOU know people want to buy, set your price, and post here. Start earning money in your sleep! You Benefit from the viewers and traffic of other producers while helping other producers earn more as well. We will even show you how and give tips and tricks to maximize your sales!
To start,  fill out the form below and we will respond and activate your account if approved. Make sure to create an account on our site first, if you haven’t already. You must also read and agree to our Producer Terms & Conditions

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